Slumdog Millionaire trailer

I’m still shocked that Fox Searchlight hasn’t released a true, proper trailer for Danny Boyle’s latest flick Slumdog Millionaire. Especially after the buzz it began to generate at the tail end of the festival season.

Essentially, the above is the only thing we have for a trailer and the movie comes out on Nov. 12.  A bit baffling, but maybe the studio is hoping the general buzz and Danny Boyle’s name recognition will help sell the film.

If you recall, the story is about a young Indian boy from the slums who goes on the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? He’s not on to win money, however, he’s there because the one girl he fell in love with watches the show religiously and he’s trying to reconnect with her.

To further complicate things for this movie, which is generating Oscar-talk, is the “R” rating handed down from the MPAA.  Practically everyone who has seen the movie is baffled by this decision, especially in the light of this summer’s The Dark Knight being given a PG-13.  Further proof that the MPAA has to be stopped.

Cinematical had a chance to talk to Danny Boyle about the decision, and he too expresses his disappointment and even confirms that he shot the film with a PG-13 rating in mind.

“And we all agreed that it would be a PG-13 or less. And so I shot the film very deliberately to achieve that certificate, and I’m very disappointed because there’s very little actual violence in the film at all. But the response was that the journey of the film was too intense — and then you think, but that’s the job! What’s wrong with somebody wanting to watch an intense journey? But yeah, I was very disappointed,” Boyle told Cinematical.

He insists they tried to fight the rating, but that in doing so the movie would have to be pushed back into 2009.  Interestingly enough, Boyle hinted that The Dark Knight received a PG-13 because it was fantasy and not in any way real.  Still, not sure Slumdog could do anything as shocking as Two-Face’s melted face.

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