Star Trek teaser available

There was a bootlegged version of the new JJ Abrams Star Trek floating around, no doubt pirated off of this weekend’s showing of Cloverfield.? However, the quality was pretty awful.? Now it’s up at Yahoo and I think I like it.? Never been much a fan of the series, but I like that they are connecting this reboot to JFK and man’s early quest to explore outer space.

Only time will tell if the cast put together for this one will be inspired or just a trainwreck.

Also: I am more willing to give Abrams the benefit of the doubt, not because of his past track record (which is just about spotless in my eyes) but because of what he did for one dying trekkie, Randy Pausch.? AICN has the scoop on it and um, I think that was a tear in my eye you just saw.

Pausch is a Carnegie-Mellon professor who will die from pancreatic cancer.? He gave a much emotional “last lecture,” which Abrams caught wind of and then offered him a role in the movie.? That’s pretty cool thing to do.? His lecture after the jump.

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