Star Trek trailer bootlegged

Update: We decided to take down the bootleg and just provide a better quality version of it.  After seeing the trailer in front of Bond this weekend, dare I say it, but I might actually be excited for this version of Star Trek.  Purists be damned.

It’s not the best footage, but since this trailer doesn’t come out until Monday, I figured we’d throw it up.  I’d say it’s hard to tell anything about the plot of J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot, but it looks huge.  It looks like an epic space opera – in the way that lots of Star Trek fans probably imagined a big screen version of the franchise looking.

I’m not the biggest Trek fan, but I like it enough to believe in the franchise’s potential.  Let’s hope Abrams and the cast delivers.  You can catch this in front of Quantum of Solace and judging by the early returns it looks like a lot of people are seeing that movie this weekend, according to Steve Mason.

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