Step Brothers trailer

stepbrothersposter.jpgAnother summer another goofy Will Ferrell comedy. But unlike his other recent movies where he’s playing an insecure pompous douche, his new team up with John C. Reilly has us excited. They both play manchildren, who become step brothers when their single parents become married.

It looks funny, since you’d normally expect this sort of thing to happen with 10 year olds, but it also looks kinda sweet. That they’re rocking LCD Soundsystem in the trailer doesn’t hurt either.

Step Brothers is directed by Adam McKay. Everything McKay and Ferrell have done together so far, including their stints on SNL, have at the very least had inspiring moments of comedy. This looks no different.

Neil at Film School Rejects has read the script for Ferrell?s upcoming comedy, Step Brothers, and insists that it is hilarious.

John C. Reilly should do more comedy, I think that we can all agree upon. He’s got the touch.

Step Brothers is in theaters on July 25

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