Sunday movie trailer roundup

Let’s take a look at the trailers that have piqued our interest this past week.

The Dark Knight

Yeah, like this needs any explanation. Some new footage to look at.

Star Wars: Clone Wars

It’s another blatant attempt from George Lucas to milk the teet of his cash cow. We won’t blame him for doing so, but just because Lucas comes out with new Star Wars doesn’t make us interested. Especially when you come at us with this lame animation – the human characters look too angular.

In this Pixar animation world we live in you better come strong with an animated project and this doesn’t hold up. The other problem is that this animated movie/show takes place between Episode II and III. Do we really care about what happens between the prequels?

Yet. We’d be lying if there wasn’t some tiny part of our heart, possibly the seven-year-old part who dressed up like Luke Skywalker or possibly the sucker part that is curious.


We need more J-horror movies like we need more press coverage of Paris Hilton. But alas, Keifer Sutherland decided to star in one, so we’re obliged to shrug our shoulders and pretend to care. Ho-hum.

Miracle at St. Anna

When he’s not arguing with Clint Eastwood over such pithy things at depictions of African-Americans in movies, Spike Lee is also a filmmaker. And a pretty damn good one to. It’s interesting to watch the late career development of Lee. I get the feeling that something is going on and you can almost see him reinvent himself on the screen. Inside Man felt like a smart thriller and was a radical departure for the director. Miracle at St. Anna continues that trend. Here Lee combines a WW II war movie, Italian superstition, and an investigative journalist into something of a mystery. We haven’t been this jazzed about a Spike Lee movie since, well, never.

Punisher: War Zone

Count us among the five who didn’t hate Punisher, mostly due to Thomas Jane’s deft turn as vigilante Frank Castle. Yes, setting the movie in Tampa was dumb as was John Travolta’s hammy turn as the heel. However, it was okay in that bored on a Saturday afternoon I think I’ll see what’s on TNT, TBS or USA kind of way.

Now we get a redo, much like this summer’s Incredible Hulk. Director Lexi Alexander constantly surprises us and if this is a hard R than we’ll be excited. Ray Stevenson doesn’t look bad as the new Frank Castle.

Mostly, this teaser trailer makes us wish Thomas Jane had this kind of material to chew on.

Death Race

Another lame remake from hack director Paul W.S. Anderson. This time we’ve got Jason Stathem as some sort of criminal who must run the gauntlet against killer cars for his freedom. We’re still shocked that this material was able to secure a rather B-List cast, but with Ian McShane, Joan Allen, Tyrese Gibson and Stathem is it possible that the actors could elevate the material and direction? Also the use of G’N’R doesn’t hurt either.


The first seven minutes of this summer action flick is online. James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie are guided by the ever mellow Morgan Freeman to assassinate people and bend bullets and essentially rip off the Wachowski Brothers, but it’s all good in the hood.

Also: The first seven minutes of the Steve Carrell comedy Get Smart are available for an exclusive iTunes download. But you can watch it below.

And yes, we’re huge supporters of releasing the first seven or five or ten minutes of movies ahead of time.

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