Sunday Night trailer roundup

Did everyone have a great weekend? I finally spent it taking care of odd and ends and not thinking at all about what was going on in the world? Strange but also comforting. Finished unpacking, updated the back end of the website (and still working out the kinks and adjustments), went to see Liam Finn and Laura Veirs on Saturday night (look for a brief review since it was unexpected and I didn’t have a camera or notebook with me) and then Sunday was relaxing in the morning, gardening in the afternoon sunshine and then caught a late showing of Iron Man. (Yes, it’s as good as advertised. Again look for some brief thoughts soon.)

But let’s take a look at some of the trailers that I was digging on this week that didn’t make it to post. A few of these broke over the weekend.

The Dark Knight
We got a glimpse of this in a shitty bootlegged version early in the week. But this one manages to reaffirm it’s ass-kickory without giving away too much. No matter what, I can’t get over Heath Ledger’s strangely pitched delivery as The Joker. It’s um, hypnotic, and weirdly comforting.

The Happening
M. Night Shalam-a-ding-dong has burned lots of his fans recently and deservedly so. He’s made five well-known movies and only two of them have been better than good. He’s been coasting on his reputation since Unbreakable. Possibly the crash and burn nature of Lady in the Water has made him realize that he can’t coast on his name and a snazzy out-of-nowhere ending. We still don’t know what to expect out of his new picture, but it boasts a great cast and it looks ominous as shit.

Swing Vote
So there’s an election and it comes down to … egats! Kevin Costner? Holy cow, this looks like the worst movie ever and yet I’ll still watch it at some point because, um. Remind me again? I guess I’m the one person in America who doesn’t hate Kevin Costner. So yeah, they floated out this shit ship for me.

Bangkok Dangerous
It’s impossible to take Nic Cage seriously, especially now that he’s rocking the balding mullet look that’s so popular in Hollywood. Anyway, this time around he’s a super assassin in Thailand. Shenanigans and hijinks no doubt ensue.

Indiana Jones and the movie that sells itself
Wouldn’t you love to be the marketing department behind this movie? But still, their trailers have been flawless. The first time around they played up Indy’s iconography and this time around they sell us on the adventure. It seems so obvious and yet they nailed it.

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