Superhero Movie trailer

You would think that a spoof titled Superhero Movie would have some potential. Afterall, how many superhero pictures have their been over the past decade? The genre has practically owned Hollywood and audiences since the first X-Men film streeted.

But this may mean that the time is ripe for a spoof or a work of deconstruction (Watchmen). The Weinstein Co. and Dimension Films is behind Superhero Movie, which really looks like it’s goofing on the first Spider-Man movie, more so than the genre itself. The film from producer David Zucker (he of ?Naked Gun? fame) and director Craig Mazin (both the bad ?Scary Movie 3? and the worse ?Scary Movie 4? were largely his doing) stars Leslie Nielsen as the ?Uncle Ben? character as well as Sara Paxton, Drake Bell and Jeffrey Tambor.

Ripe with potential this trailer just comes of as meh. Even Hancock with Will Smith and going back further any incarnation of The Tick seem to goof on superheroes much much better.

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