The 35 dollar movie ticket

Would you pay $35 for a movie ticket? It’s an interesting question because the answer is almost improbably no. But then you hestitate and ask, “well what do I get for $35?”

At a new deluxe movie theater set to open in Chicago next year you’ll get Gold Class auditoriums will feature a 40-seat-maximum patron capacity and an even higher-end atmosphere, officials say. The planned theaters will boast boosted amenities, including plush reserved seating, special parking privileges and upscale food and beverage offerings with seat-side waiter service.

Developed by Village Roadshow for the heady price of $200 million dollars, the Chicago venue is the first of a proposed 50 theaters stateside.

“It’s an absolutely different environment than anything else that exists,” Village Roadshow CEO Graham Burke said.

To that we say, come to Portland, where you can get all of that for like $3 and if you throw in a pitcher of PBR it might run you to $9.? Not to say that we don’t appreciate luxury, but we don’t like getting ripped off even more.

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