The Cast of G.I. Joe

Mr. Eko bringing the big stick

Regular readers know we’ve been following the developments of the live action G.I. Joe movie.? We’re fence sitting.? Some stuff seems good, some bad, other stuff completely indifferent.? Today, photos have been popping up online all over the place of the cast.? Thankfully, Peter gathered them all together.? His analysis that the images are all lame might be overreaching, but it certainly is in the ballpark.? We get first looks at Destro, General Hawk, Duke, The Baroness, Storm Shadow, Breaker, Heavy Duty and Ripcord.

The problem with G.I. Joe is the cartoon, when looking back on it, was probably pretty lame.? And it’s almost impossible to adapt something that is kitschy to begin with.? Especially given the outfits and uniforms.? And that’s just from a design standpoint.? Never mind on a story, believability, funness or whatever other metric you want to use to judge the end product.

Sometimes, when a product starts off bad, there’s almost no recovering from it.? That certainly looks to be the case here.? Not across the board.? Some of the stuff has me intrigued, but has left me skeptical until proven otherwise.

Sienna Miller as The Baroness

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