The Crash from the side of the road

Is probably is Speed Racer. From EW: “But back to Speed Racer (No. 2), which banked less than half of what many in Hollywood had originally expected it would earn over the course of its premiere weekend. Leaked word that the film was tracking poorly coupled with particularly weak reviews made this outcome visible from way down the road.

The movie is a wreck on the level of recent memorable summer failures like Kingdom of Heaven (which opened with $19.6 mil) and Poseidon ($22.2 mil) ? at the domestic box office, at least. Overseas, well, that’s another (possibly sadder) story. While would-be blockbusters that fail domestically usually have a chance to recoup their costs in foreign multiplexes (the aforementioned Kingdom of Heaven and Poseidon both did just that), there are reports that Speed Racer may have gotten a flat tire at the international box office as well; the dust still has to settle before we know the full story there.”

The movie has been getting mixed reviews and most of the bad reviews are along the lines of “I just don’t know what to make of the movie.” The reviewers I trust all seem to agree that the movie, while difficult to sit through, is certainly an interesting kids movie. One that we’ve never seen before or will seen nothing else like it for a long time. The opening weekend pretty much kills any notion of a sequel.

Truth be told, I think most people sitting on the fence just decided to wait for it on DVD. Like myself. Not even the first seven minutes of the movie made me interested enough to drop the money to see this thing. But it did make me excited to rent it in four months.

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  • Scott May 12, 2008, 1:48 pm

    I saw ?Speed Racer? and I wouldn?t say I exactly enjoyed it or hated it but I will say I began to appreciate the movie for what is was. As soon as my fourth seizure passed it became clear. I took my wallet out of my mouth and realized this movie is for kids not adults and I just don?t get kids today. If I were 11 and non -epileptic I might have really loved it. The moral of the story is… I?m really getting old.