The Jedi Gym

I loved this mockumentary, created for Atom’s Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge. The premise is kinda goofy and it gets off to a rather slow start, but the concept is humorous enough to keep watching. Also, it sorta pokes fun at Star Wars obsessives but pays equally as much homage to them as well.

Former swordplay trainer to the stars and Star Wars fanatic Jeremy Flynn recently opened “Jedi Gym”, a fitness center in Torrance, CA where members channel characters from the Star Wars film series to work out, meditate, and improve their lives. . . Flynn is frustrated with his students’ lack of commitment and focus, but when a 7-foot man in an incredibly authentic Darth Vader suit arrives at the gym, Flynn thinks he’s found his dream student. Instead, Flynn and his students learn, first hand, about how powerful the Dark Side can be…”

I’m still laughing over the last line about Michael Jordan and Abe Lincoln.

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