There Will Be Gold and Food (and hopefully, the Oscars)

David Spade hasn’t been funny, or even mildly amusing, since Chris Farley was prowling the streets. But there was a time when he was funny. His schtick of being the schmarmy know-it-all had a good run. Even on his sitcom Just Shoot Me, it was clear he was the star of the show even though the show wasn’t about him (yup I’ve been watching the reruns).

So it’s always nice to see Spade show up and amuse us once again with his impersonation of Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood. He does a pretty decent job. Let’s be honest though, the real champ here is Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood’s score for the film, which is used in this Funny or Die clip.

Not to be outdone, Epicurious has put out an Oscar-themed menu for a bevy of nominated films, including There Will Be Blood. Feeling ambitious? Why not try to make Atonement’s Beef Wellington with Gorgonzola. Other movies represented inlcude Michael Clayton (think bagels, steaks, etc.), Juno, and No Country For Old Men (some good ole Southwest barbeque).

And, yes The Oscars will go on. Producers are saying that regardless of the strike, the ceremony will not be cancelled. So does that mean we can expect Daniel Day-Lewis to take home the Oscar for best actor? We can only hope so. Dude was scary.

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