Trailer: Revolutionary Road

This Sam Mendes flick comes out soon enough in December.? And for a picture about suburban ennui and dissatisfaction starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio; you would think the marketing around this movie will be extremely high, other than the obligatory “it’s their first movie since Titanic” blah blah blah that you’ll get from the nightly entertainment magazines.

Mendes, for his part, hasn’t hit one out of the park yet.? Both American Beauty and Jarhead were confident and assured works, with Beauty reaching a sort of sublime conclusion.? Both had their minor missteps and one wonders how well either of them will age.

With Revolutionary Road it looks like the possibility is there for something great.? Unfortunately, the picture will also have to battle the obligatory references to AMC’s spectacularly great television show Mad Men.

Random thing: The other day at work I mentioned Kate Winslet gets naked in every movie she stars in, to which a coworker of mine said that’s just a gross lie. Perhaps an exaggeration on my part, but certainly not a lie. Anyway, I calculated that Winslet appears in the nude in roughly 32.5% of her movies. That’s a high percentage.

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