Trailer: Sex Drive [Red Band]

At a recent movie, Tropic Thunder I think, they showed the green band trailer for Sex Drive, a quasi-road trip sex comedy starring some scrawny actor, Clark Duke, James Marsden and a cameo from Seth Green.

It looked completely forgetable, but the audience was in stitches and I’ll admit to laughing at certain parts. Still, based on the trailer I wouldn’t say the movie is high on my list of things to catch.

Right? Okay, a few chuckles. But, the movie is getting the full court treatment from AICN. Part of me chaulks it up to their occasionally dubious tastes rampant enthusiasm, but it’s being championed by Drew “Moriarty” McWeeny – the site’s best writer and one of the few reasons to keep the site a must read.

“It’s silly, it’s raunchy, but it’s genuinely well-made and I think calling it THE SURE THING for the Internet age would be a fair and accurate comparison,” he writes. High praise, as The Sure Thing is one of the best movies from this particular genre. The site also praises James Marsden for another performance that elevates standard material into something special. This is becoming a habit of Marsden’s, especially when it comes to comedy.

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  • Ace Cowboy September 9, 2008, 7:08 am

    What, did Clark want to make his own Superbad?

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