Viral Marketing: Terminator

Can’t say for sure if this site for EniTech Research Labs is related to the upcoming big screen Terminator movie, starring Christian Bale as John Connor and directed by McG, or if this is related to the FOX televison show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.?

But it does for sure have to do with the terminator universe.? Over the course of several videos and blog posts, they name check SkyNet, Cyberdyne, the terminator machines, have emails from someone in the future with the email addy: takebackthefuture (at) gmail (dot) com.? And on and on.

You’ve got to wonder if this viral campaign will help bridge the gaps in the Terminator mythology, in other words, how we got to the apocalypse, etc.

But even some rudimentary research on this site turns up only that it has been online since early Jan. 2008 and the company that registered the site is located in Culver City, Calif.

Q: But how can you see into time that different than the one we exist in?? Isn’t that impossible?

A: Well actually no.? In fact you probably already own a camera that can photograph the past.? It’s so trivial we take it for granted.? Simply walk outside and take a picture of the night sky.? The stars you’re seeing are thousands of years in the past.? In fact some of the stars you’re watching don’t even exist anymore and have long since died yet the light continues to take its long journey across the universe on toward our world.? If someone on a distant planet (but still in the same galaxy) were watching Earth through a telescope right now, they would see perhaps the early Mesopotamians struggling to rise into civilization or the collapse of the Roman empire but not our current time.

Our device is based on a series of carefully callibrated predictions that the particles we detect should be exactly 1,191 days ahead of the time that the image is processed.? We have been unable to date to adjust that amount or look farther ahead than that.? And the device cannot look into the past since tachyon particles only move backwards, never forward.? A good simple example is like this:? [Us] <—[tachyon particles]—— [future time]

Q: Hey, does your company name sound a bit familiar?
A: Let’s just say it’s our homage.? And it’s a helpful reminder of what we want to avoid in our work environment.

This video helps to explain the gist of the viral marketing campaign.

Of course this one is poorly acted, with poor special effects, but there is one kick-ass robot in it!

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