Watchmen lawsuit

The only thing that anyone should care about in regards to this Fox lawsuit over the property rights to Warner Brothers Watchmen adaptation is whether or not the film is going to be released in March.? Unless, of course you’re the studio heads at either Fox or WB and a shit ton of money is at stake.

We’re not, so the devilled details matter nothing, except of course, whether we’ll be seeing the movie in March. Not to worry, former comic editor and copyright law professor Andrew Steven Harris says the movie will come out. The fiduciary interests of both studios will always win out in the end.

In that respect, fans should be encouraged that nothing about this litigation will realistically keep the movie out of theaters next year. At the end of the day, Fox wants money; it doesn?t want an unreleased and unreleasable film canister.

And, yes?while it?s true that Fox has also filed for an injunction to shut down the film?s release, that too should give the fans no alarm. It is, like Fox?s other maneuvers, just a negotiating tactic; a successful injunction simply represents the fastest way since God invented light of getting a settlement offer on the table.

I do know that Fox?s attorney?s say they?re not looking for cash; that copyright infringement is a serious matter and they?re litigating the entire thing to enforce their rights and their principles. But I think we have to call shenanigans on this one; if that were the case, then they?d have filed their lawsuit sometime well before this past February.

As always, it’s about the money.? After the trailer hit to a feeding frenzy, Fox saw a cash grab green light and took their chance.? Bravo to them.? For the movie goer, all that’s important is that the movie will come out.

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