Woody Harrelson on “A-Team” script

A while back a rumor was started, well let’s clarify. Not really a rumor so much as a hypothetical by the guys over at Collider. They bumped into director John Singleton and talk soon turned to Singleton’s involvement with the big screen adaptation of the 80’s action show The A-Team. At the time Singleton insisted the only thing he wanted was for Woody Harrelson to play the maniacal Murdoch.

Murdoch was the crazy one, who always seemed to outsmart people by playing crazy dumb. So naturally everyone was like “brilliant!” or “perfect” or some such words to those effects. It seemed like an almost orchestrated way for Singleton to find out if his casting choice would go over in the fanboy community.

The thing is Harrelson is perfect for the role of Murdoch. The other roles are a lot more difficult to cast. Especially given Ice Cube’s recent lobbying to play B.A. Baracus. Let’s hope not. Also can we start the George Clooney should be Hanibal train?

MTV caught up with Woodrow at Sundance where he was promoting the Brad Anderson picture Transsiberian. Straight from Woodrow’s mouth, he says the script for The A-Team is “surprisingly good.”

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