Writer’s Guild reaches side deal with United Artists

Looks like the WGA is working their “divide and conquer” strategy against the studio moguls.? First, they reached a deal with David Letterman’s World Wide Pants production company and now they’ve reached a deal with Tom Cruise and Paul Wagner’s re-started United Artists.

Of course Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood Daily, which is the essentially source for strike news, has the scoop.? She reports that United Artist has agreed in principle to all of the WGA’s demands.

I’m told the deal was hammered out under the utmost secrecy by UA’s Paula Wagner, who has long been Cruise’s producing partner, and WGA leaders Dave Young and Patric Verrone. Guild sources said it definitely helped during negotiations that Cruise is a longtime SAG member and Wagner also started out as an actress before she became an agent then producer and then UA studio mogul.?”They said, ‘All we want to do is make movies. And we know that you can’t do that without the artists, especially the ones that create the stories. And those are the writers.’ “

The announcement should break sometime late tonight for Monday’s papers and whatnot.? Details of the agreement are being kept under wraps.? Wonder if this is an anomaly or the first domino to fall.

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