Abusive Relationship Patterns in Twilight

bella-and-edward-bella-swan-630689_608_790After seeing New Moon last week, one fan did a side-by-side comparison of Bella and Edward’s relationship as it compares to the National Domestic Violence hotline’s list of domestic abuse warning signs, and everything matches up.

But it’s okay because no one has sex and Edward is really super dreamy, so no worries about the horrendous messages the book sends to young women:  “In addition, Bella is quite literally a blank slate, an empty vessel. This created much mirth from our group– “I can’t read her thoughts.” “That’s because there AREN’T ANY!” “Heeheeheeheeheehee.” “Shhhhhh!” But Bella seems to have no purpose, other than to be loved by someone, anyone. When she isn’t around either Edward or Jacob, she mopes around and does… nothing. I was actually excited when she actually took initiative and yelled back at the werewolves.”  [via]

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