Avatar Reviews Begin to Hit

avatar_movie_based_ubisoft_game_concept_art_1So James Cameron’s Avatar finally screened and though many critics were under embargo from publishing reviews of the film until opening day (Dec. 18), reviews effusing high praise have tumbled out onto the nets.  And from the sounds of it, the movie is a work of maniacal genius that has to be seen to be believed. 

More than likely, your favorite movie website already has a review up, but I particularly enjoyed Nick Nunziata’s review over at Chud.  “Avatar is hardwired to its creator in a way films of this size simply cannot be due to reality and the nature of the business. But it is. That’s why the film took so long to reach screens. That’s why it apparently may be one of the costliest films ever made if not the costliest. That’s why on many levels this is an impossible dream of a film, something that could never meet expectations or justify its own existence under the weight of its ambitions. 

“But it does and make no mistake, this is a film worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings. It’s epic, visionary, breathtaking, and as immersive as any tentpole film in recent memory.  And no trailer, teaser, or sizzle reel can do it justice until you see it living and breathing on a very big screen in 3-D.” 

I would expect nothing less from James Cameron.

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