Bryan Singer to Direct Another X-Men Flick

Bryan-Singer-X-MenIn an interview with MySpace, director Bryan Singer announced that he had officially signed on to direct X-Men: First Class — a prequel to the first X-Men movie featuring a young Cyclops and Jean Grey as Professor Xavier’s first pupils.

And while this would normally be good news, as Singer’s X-films are the only ones worth watching in the franchise (we will pretend for posterity’s sake that the other two X-films haven’t occurred), the notion of an X-Men prequel seems like a regression for the franchise.  They should be pushing ahead with new stories, broadening the franchise’s universe, instead of telling stories no one ultimately cares about. 

The other angle to consider is that Bryan Singer was one of the hottest directors after X-2, but then the catastrophe known as Superman Returns took place and he hasn’t directed a movie since.  This move feels like him cashing in on a safe bet to get into Hollywood’s good graces again.  I would rather Singer go out and make a few small movies like Apt Pupil or The Usual Suspects to get his cred back, but whatevs.  What do I know.

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