Disney’s 1983 computer test for “Where the Wild Things Are”


Disney used to hold the rights for Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are and in 1983 they had a young man by the name of John Lasseter , interested in using computers to render 3D backgrounds.  Lasseter created some short animations based on the book as a test for another project he had in mind – The Brave Little Toaster. Neither project ended up manifesting itself, with the Toaster being made in traditional 2D animation. For his efforts, Lasseter was fired by Disney because his superiors felt he was stepping on their toes with his new technology.

Whoops!  Talk about your all-time gaffs. Lasseter saw the future in the early 80s for how new technology could be applied to the medium. Instead he was fired and then went on to help start Pixar.  So in a way, I guess, we should all be thankful these events all indirectly led to the creation of what is inarguably the best animation studio right now.

Lasseter always seems to be ahead of the curb and the above clip is damn impressive, even looking better than some present day computer animated movies.  Even if it’s not quite ready for primetime.

Chalk this up to the what if dustbin and normally these types of things make me sad, but given how awesome Spike Jonze’s live-action adaptation looks, well, it’s hard to complain.  Every single time the trailer has shown in front of an audience, the entire place inevitably yelps and shouts along at the end of the trailer.  [via these places]

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