Dr. Parnassus gets a distributor

Well, the good news is that Terry Gilliam’s batshit crazy (and hot lady bait with Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Ferrell) movie finally picked up a US distributor. 


And now the bad news: Sony Pictures Classic is the one doing the distributing. 

I would have much rather had Focus Features or Fox Searchlight with the film’s rights, but like Slashfilm says, all is not lost.  “Find out who books for your local art house , or even your local multiplex, and tell them to book the film from release day. A grass roots effort on this particular front will make some noise because, frankly, it never happens.

“And then, when the film comes out, go see it. High screen averages means expansion, means more people get the chance to see the film, means the distributors who ummed and aahed about the prospects of a Terry Gilliam film starring Heath Ledger and featuring Johnny Depp get sent a pretty clear message about their bungle.”

Still not sure how a Terry Gilliam-directed film starring those four lads wouldn’t see a wide release with a large marketing effort.

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