Dumbing down the subtitles for “Let the Right One In”

Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In was one of 2008’s biggest film surprises.  It’s the tale of a young boy Oskar who befriends a 12-year-old vampire Eli.  But it’s oh so much more than that.   

It’s worth checking out on DVD, but just know that the subtitles have been altered from the original American theatrical release.  Boy have they ever.  Gone is the sarcastic humor and emotional warm, replaced by dialogue aimed at a juvenile idiot. 

Rob G. from Icons of Fright first noticed the difference and has posted screencaps of the most glaring mistranslations. He speculates that Magnolia Home Entertainment — rather than paying the presumably more expensive person responsible for the original subtitles again — tried to save money by hiring a cheaper translator. 20090324_subtitles_560x200

“Sure, the basic gist of what the characters were saying was kind of there, but missing completely was the dark humor, subtleties and character nuances which made the movie so powerful and a favorite amongst audiences last year. I tried to carry on and ignore it, hoping that only a few of the translations were off… but… I was wrong. Just about the intent of every single line of dialogue was completely off and ruined the movie,” he writes

“It became so frustrating, that I stopped the US DVD, got my original screener copy & we continued by watching that version instead. I realize now that sadly for everyone else out there, they don’t have this option.”

Now, I’m going to have to go back and rewatch to make sure the copy I have isn’t the dumbed down version.  You would think I’d remember, but alas I’m drawing a blank.  [via Vulture]

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