Felicia Day gets her geek on


The Dr. Horrible actress sits down with Wired.com to talk about Hollywood, her webseries The Guild, and other assorted things.  I hope I’m not alone is saying that I could listen to her talk all day long about her geektasticness. 

Wired.com: What are your fans communicating to you when they meet face to face?

Day: I hear a lot from women, “I love The Guild and I love that you have a geeky girl and that you’re representing that because that’s how I feel.” And: “I’m a girl gamer and I’ve never seen girl gamers that are authentic before.” I remember one guy at BlizzCon told me, “Thank you very much because now I tell my co-workers that I game without shame.” He really genuinely said that and I was so touched, because when I created the show I was just writing organically about my experience. I think that most people, if they were in Hollywood, they would never write something about a niche that wouldn’t please everybody. But the thing about the web is that you can make niche content and you can give a voice to people who wouldn’t feel like they have everything in common with what the mainstream is giving them.

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