Fight Club Blu-Rays Are Not Defective

Fight_Club_1L“We were delighted, then baffled, then again delighted when the new Blu-Ray version of Fight Club arrived in the mail the other day. Popping it into the A.V. Club Blu-Ray player we watched in dismay as the menu screen appeared, and with it images and music from 1999 Drew Barrymore comedy Never Been Kissed. As much as we adore that movie—with its documentary-like depiction of the Chicago journalism scene—it was Fight Club we wanted to watch. Then the image gave way to Fight Club’s familiar living IKEA catalog and we realized we’d been duped.”

Turns out the practical joke was from director David Fincher himself.  The original two-disc DVD is one of my favorites, in fact it was the reason I bought a DVD player in the first place back in 2000.  Fight Club bombed at the box-office in 1999 (the best year in recent memory for movies), while the Drew Barrymore rom-com did not.  The gag was approved by Barrymore at the behest of pal and Fight Club-star Ed Norton.

I don’t think this will make me buy a Blu-Ray player, but it will certainly make me polish off the movie and watch it again for the umpteenth time.

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