First four-minutes of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It’s in German, but there’s isn’t much talking anyways. Mostly, it’s worth watching to get a sense of where director David Yates is taking the story visually. He’s taking it to Awesometown via Dark Street. Har! Har!

You can also check out the clip of Harry and Dumbledore preparing for their journey to the cave, which isn’t some sort of pedo-Plato reference. The old man and his young protege are just preparing for some adventure. [via Film Misery]

Also: Paul Dergarabedian heaps lavish praise on the new Potter installment, calling it “not only exquisite in its production values, but was also charming, funny, scary, enchanting, moving (stop me, the adjectives could go on and on) and dare I say, sexy.” He probably ran out of adjectives, if not breath first, but he also proclaimed it Oscar-worthy. Yowzas.

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