Greatest Fan Films ever made

Topless Robot examines the nine greatest fan films ever made, including some early efforts for Spider-Man and Batman.  Some are downright bad.  Others show the fan film artform at it’s best — creativity and ingenuity on a limited budget.

Of the nine, and to be sure they are all worth checking out for one reason or another, this Batman fan film Ashes to Ashes was my fav.  One film in particular, Hardware Wars (1977), was apparantly shown on reel to reel in elementary classrooms across the country after it’s “release”; watching it though, however, it’s hard not to think of the current state of internet viral videos, memes and sweded films.

It’s impossible to think that our current cultural state didn’t begin and end with that particular fanmade movie 30-plus years ago.

Ashes to Ashes

Hardware Wars

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