Kristen Bell at Fanboys Premiere


Because I’m obligated.

But Fanboys, a heartwarming tale about loveable geeks attempting to steal Star Wars: Episode I from the Lucas Ranch for their Cancer-stricken actually arrives in theaters tomorrow.  It’s been a long road for the movie and it’ll probably be on DVD in about two weeks, but if you get the chance we’ve heard it’s decent.

You can check out one more clip of the movie, which has two friends meeting William Shatner.  Normally, I’d say The Shat doesn’t belong in a movie about Star Wars, but honestly The Shat should be in everything.

The premiere for the movie was last night and for anyone interested here’s what Kristen Bell looks for in a gentleman caller.

Unfortunately for me, I try to skirt the line between quirky and weird and just end up coming across as weird.  Dang.

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