LaToya Jackson interview cut from Bruno at last minute


Just before the LA premiere of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno, the star cut an interview with LaToya Jackson where the two discusse her brother.  Universal probably had a lot to do with the cuts, because I don’t think anyone would fault the movie for being tasteless.  More than likely they’ll be put back in for the DVD. 

‘We decided to take it out for tonight and we’ll reassess before the release whether to keep it out,’ director Larry Charles said at the premiere’s afterparty.

But the trade paper pointed out: ‘Still, because many critics attended those earlier showings, its content could make its way into reviews.

‘Indeed, removing the scene in a way calls more attention to it, though the studio clearly wanted to avoid even the perception of poor taste at any cost.’

Regardless, Bruno was packing some serious guns at the LA Premiere.

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