Mickey Rourke on Charlie Rose

Anyone worth a damn is pulling for Mickey Rourke to take home the Best Actor Oscar.  It has to be him, not only for his performance but also for the exceptional story it would make.  Mickey taking home the statue is how his “redemption” story has to end.

It can’t end with him losing to Sean Penn, though I would be okay if he lost to either Frank Langella or Richard Jenkins.  It just can’t be the insufferable douchebag Sean Penn (though his turn as joyously alive Harvey Milk was the few times I didn’t instinctively cringe from a Sean Penn performance).

Hopefully, his exceptional interview with Charlie Rose on Thursday night will help matters.  Sway those last minute Academy voters.

The 54-minute Mickey Rourke interview that aired on Charlie Rose Thursday is now up on Rose’s website.  If the embedded video isn’t quality enough.

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