Minneapolis loves Dave Eggers


Minneapolis’ Uptown movie theater marquee reads, “Co-written by Dave Eggers / Away We Go / Yup. Co-writer on Top.”

Quirky and bizzare for sure, but I guess it’s a reminder that the movie — directed by Sam Mendes and starring, the new “Zack Braff”, John Krasinski — might have more up its sleeve than the loathesome trailers suggest. 

Not that we don’t have anything against the coming-of-age roadtrip movie, it’s just that, well, we do.  Why hasn’t anyone bothered to spoof this genre yet? [via The Awl]

Unrelatedly: Slashfilm, one of the best movie websites, going got caught selling out their journalistic integrity (is there such a thing when it comes to blogs?) by running a sponsored post on director Sam Mendes.  Needless to say their readers weren’t happy and they recanted.  As far as ethics and whatnot, these things do happen and you’ve got to learn your mistake and move on.  Seems like Peter and Co. realized they crossed a line and they should be forgiven.

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