Mumblecore parody – The Dirty Garage

Mumblecore is a type of movie which tries to make boring, mundane things seem inherently interesting because it’s being done by twentysomethings with large vocabs and accompanied with a sweet indie-folk soundtrack.  Think Wes Anderson, if Wes Anderson had no budget or personality or wasn’t talented.

Some of these low budget flick are actually pretty good, but most of them just come off as masturbatory.  It’s the logical extension from people watching Richard Linklater’s early work like Slacker or Before Sunrise and thinking hey I can do that.  Except they can’t.  But they still do.  Hence mumblecore.

Jake Szymanski’s “The Dirty Garage” may not have the couches rolling down the street of Billy Was a Deaf Kid, or the retarded cats of Charley the Retarded Cat (still the gold standard of hipster movie parody videos), but it may be the most accurate parody of the three.

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