New Moon Record Weekend

new_moon-13011Variety‘s Pamela McLintock is reporting that Summit’s New Moon will take in$140.7 million for the weekend, which is the third-biggest opening of all time, trailing only The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3. Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest has been bumped out of the third-highest slot, and you’ve got to wonder what does it take to make a huge opening weekend?  I mean, record setting, mega-money opening.  It seems to align once per year with the right movie, the right circumstances, etc.

With the exception of The Dark Knight (a good to great movie that won’t age well with it’s numerous plot inconsistencies) it’s fair to argue that New Moon is the worst opening weekend money-killer of all-time. Has there ever been a worse film that has made box-office history? I’m asking.  PotC and SM3 were pretty awful in their own right, but at least they had the distinction of being the final chapter of a beloved saga.  New Moon has what — werewolves and Robert Pattinson?

Never underestimate the buying power of teenage girls and soccer mom cougars.

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