[New Trailer] Drag me To Hell

drag-me-to-hellEllen Page dropped out of Sam Raimi’s horror flick because she didn’t want to follow up her Oscar-turn in Juno with something so declasse.  So Alison Lohman stepped in at the last minute.  This is the first non-Spider Man movie Raimi has directed since 2000.

Wow, almost a decade.  After enduring what seems like years of torture porn, creatively bankrupt slasher films, The Saw franchise and tired J-horror retreads, horror-movie enthusiasts will finally be treated to a good old-fashioned “scary curse” movie.

Also?  This seems strangely pertinent to our current financial crisis.  Lohman portrays a young bank employee who finds herself on the receiving end of an ancient curse after her boss forces her to deny a thoroughly creepy old woman’s request for a mortgage-payment extension.  So there’s that.  

I know this isn’t the case, but I’m secretly hoping she gets dragged to hell.

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