New Trailer: Sugar

Sugar is about a baseball hopeful from the Dominican Republic who dreams of making it in the U.S. He’s drafted into the minor leagues, but he quickly finds America to be an alienating place and not quite the mecca he had hoped for.

The movie comes out April 3, right at the start of the MLB season.  I’m almost surprised with the influx of Dominican players over the past two decades that no one has tackled this story before.  For every player like Pedro Martinez or Manny Ramirez or Sammy Sosa that makes it to the big show and has success, there are hundreds of players that get mired in minor league baseball like “Sugar.”

Directed by Anna Bolden and Ryan Fleck, the duo responsible for Half Nelson, gives me a bit of hope that this will be a touching and gripping sports drama.

Newsweek’s David Ansen writes that it is “low-key but very much alive.”

“Sugar” doesn’t go where you expect a sports movie to go—it’s defiantly un-“Rocky”-ish. The movie left me wanting more from it than it delivers, but what it does offer is pretty irresistible. American movies have been telling tales of the immigrant experience since the days of the silents; “Sugar” makes it feel new again.

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