[New Trailer] Terminator Salvation


This is shaping up good.  Lots to like.  But then there’s McG, who seems to coked up about making sure the fanboys know he’s super fucking serious about pleasing them.

Also, after hearing the snippet of NIN in this trailer, it seems that Trent Reznor woulda been a much better choice to score this movie – a more ballsy choice – than Danny Elfman.  Elfman seems like a cursory choice.  He’s a big name, but his score work (his work with Tim Burton excepted) always leaves me puzzled.

All that aside, the trailer gives us a better look at the story of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a man who discovers the hard way that he’s no longer human, and is instead a Cyborg Terminator. I’m surprised this trailer makes it seem like John Connor is surprised that Skynet is making humanoid cyborgs to hunt down the resistance.

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