Nic Cage as Superman

It sounded like a terrible idea then, when director Tim Burton cast Nic Cage as The Man of Steel for his take on Supes (screenplay by Kevin Smith as well!), and it’s evident now just how bad the movie would have been now that test shots of Nic Cage in the Superman outfit have been discovered. 


“A Japanese Tim Burton fan site, however, seems to be blowing the whole thing open again… if you believe the site’s legitimacy. They have a picture that seems to show a Nic Cage costume test for “Superman Lives,” although the suit he’s wearing bears little resemblance to the aforementioned concept art we’ve seen online. This photo features an odd, squished “S” on the chest, a hard plastic suit, and a large section of what looks like flesh-colored material towards his neck,” writes Drew Taylor.  “It’s only one photo and devoid of context it’s just another piece of oddball “Superman Lives” ephemera, but it’s still fun to think about what this project would have ended up becoming.” 

From the looks of the autopsy photo above, it’s possible Cage was actually set to play Eradicator.  We know the title was Superman Lives (Smith’s script is easily found online for your reading pleasure) and so it’s not unreasonable to assume it would have been based on the death and resurrection of the iconic character.  [via]

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