Pirating the 2009 Oscars

Andy Baio has published his annual report on how many Oscar nominated films are available online in pirated versions. Almost all of them.

Out of 26 nominated films, an incredible 23 films are already available in DVD quality on nomination day, ripped either from the screeners or the retail DVDs. This is the highest percentage since I started tracking.

Since Andy posted this, Australia has shown up online from a screener, which means that as of right now 24 of the 26 Oscar nominated films have leaked online.  Not to harp on this again, but it’s clear that the battle between the MPAA and the internet is being won by the internet.  Still, people like going to movies and only a small slice of people are using pirated copies instead of going to see flicks on the big screen one would assume.

I just wonder how much they like paying for DVDs at this point in time.

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