Prince of Persia one-sheet


I feel like Bruckheimer and director Mike Newell might have another Pirates of the Carribean-type hit with this one.  An epically, fun summer romp.  Escapist cinema as it’s best and worst. 

Gyllenhaal looks the part of the video game character.  But, there’s a wide disconnect between the movie taking place 1,000 years ago in Persia (Iran) and the modern typeface used to promote it.  The collision of cultures.

The typeface from the game looks much better.

And as cool as the poster makes Gyllenhaal out to be, it still feels like a minor design retread from the Sin City, Spirit days. 

There’s also something else about it, that I can’t put my finger on.  Oh, it’s somewhere buried deep in the recesses of my brain, but it doesn’t want to come out.  If feels like this is a complete rip-off of something else – the modern font, the washed out colors except for the bright red. 

300 perhaps?

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