RIP: John Hughes dead at 59

breakfastclubMy friend texted me yesterday afternoon, “John Hughes died.”

At the time all I could find was a snippet on TMZ, but late in the night it was confirmed by just about every news outlet. The director, writer, producer, definer of high school in the 80’s died yesterday at the age of 59 of a heart attack.

He hadn’t directed a movie since Curly Sue is 1991, but he still wrote several screenplays under the psuedonym Edmond Dantes.

But, this is the gentleman who directed The Breakfast ClubPretty in PinkFerris Bueller’s Day OffSixteen Candles, Weird Science, She’s Having a Baby, Uncle Buck and Planes, Trains, and Autombiles. And that’s just what he directed, never mind wrote or produced.

I know everybody will be talking about the first four movies mentioned on that list, but for my money John Hughes will always be the guy that directed the last four.  Call me crazy, but even as an eight-year-old I recognized the perverse genius that was Uncle Buck and PT&A.  Besides that, Sixteen Candles was the first movie I saw with boobies in it, so thank you John Hughes for that.  I must’ve worn out my parent’s VHS copy of that movie as a kid.  Well, at least the first fifteen minutes, when Molly Ringwald is checking out Haviland Morris in the shower.

The summer of 2009 will forever be remembered as the summer when everybody died.

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