Roger Ebert is returning to television

rogerebertRoger Ebert will be launching a new movie review television show with Richard Roeper, The Chicago Tribune’s Michael Phillips and A.P.’s Christy Lemire

More details will be forthcoming (channel, format, day/time) but Ebert should have never been forced into television “retirement” anyways.  Certianly not for the doofus Ben Lyons and his alter ego*.  His health certainly had something to do with it, but still. 

And yet, since his exile from television his writing has become so razor sharp and pinpointed that I almost don’t want to see this happen.  I also wonder how he will hold up in front of the camera.

In my mind this should be formatted similar to ESPN’s The Sports Reporters, except you know, with a focus on film and television.  In a classy round-table, Ebert wouldn’t be forced to carry the load.  [Time]

Also: His childhood home has been granted landmark status.  That’s bonkers. [Sun Times]

*Seriously has anyone ever watched the idiot twins hosting At the Movies and thought, “you know I don’t miss Roger Ebert one bit.”

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