Sam Raimi directing Warcraft movie


Blizzard Entertainment, the makers behind the very popular World of Warcraft video game, and Legendary Pictures (Warner Brothers’s genre arm) have hired director Sam Raimi for their big screen adaptation.  Raimi’s no slouch (Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, the Spider-Man films) when it comes to either fantasy, horror or big budget action movies.

I never got into World of Warcraft or Warcraft in general, so I can’t say how they would fashion the MMORG into a movie.  Still, I’m intrigued by Raimi’s involvement.

The scoop was first reported by AICN and later confirmed by Variety, who also reports that The Dark Knight producer Charles Roven is helming the ship. The current plan is for Raimi to supervise the development of the movie and to begin production after Spider-Man 4.

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