The enduring appeal of Point Break


Kevin Kelly over at Slashfilm takes a look at the appeal of Kathryn Bigelow’s Point Break.  Johnny Utah and Bodhi robbing banks and catching killer waves.  There’s an entire generation of males, for whom, this is the apex of cinematic achievement.  I might be one of them. 

Bigelow decided to film very ambitious stunt sequences, which are part of the lasting appeal of the movie, and helped to break the invisible barrier that said female directors were not action directors. The skydiving sequence alone is probably one of the most memorable moments from the movie, apart from Utah’s gun firing into the air “Aaaaaaaaaargh!” scene. Bigelow also focused on the friendship between Reeves’ Utah and Swayze’s Bodhi, often pushing it far into the homoerotic realm. In fact, Swayze himself said he “wanted to play it like a love story between two men.” You’d be hard pressed to deny that the film doesn’t this out, from Reeves and Swayze clasping hands while skydiving together, or from the moment where Reeves lets Swayze go, gazing into the eyes of a man he’s come to love on some level.

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