The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

Clocking in at a robust 45-minutes, the fan film, which is actually called The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made, has a lot going for it.  The flash animation film is a bit slow to start but really picks up about 5-minutes in and then at the 15-minute mark all hell breaks loose. How much hell?

Well, let’s just say that there’s a Superhero party featuring every freakin’ superhero ever, Captain America disses Cher and the gays and the Power Rangers’ MegaZord and Voltron combine to form an even bigger robot that fights Marvel’s planet destroyer Galactus.  Batman gets dissed but Robin kicks ass and so much happens that my nerd brain overloaded.

Really, there is nothing else to say except that Holy Shit, this is awesome.  Like an awesome soft taco that gets wrapped in the deep-fried cheese covered hard shell of more awesome. [via Bam Kapow]

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