The Wild Things Are Right Here


This is a brilliant poster for Spike Jonze’s much-anticipated Where the Wild Things Are. It was dug up by The Spike Jonze Fan Blog by mining the pages of Nick Magazine.

I’m not entirely surprised they’ve decided to hide the face of the monsters in this teaser poster, but if CHUD is correct, then we’ll have a trailer for this movie attached to Monsters vs. Aliens. With all the problems this is having, it’ll remain to be seen what sort of market this movie has.

The CHUD tipster described the movie as thus:

Try as I might, I can’t verbalize how I felt about the trailer beyond the most grandiose superlatives: ‘beautiful’ and ‘gorgeous’ and ‘breathtaking’, making me sound like Pete Hammond. The environments in particular (there’s a sequence of cutting between 4 shots of Max running through different environments that is absolutely magical) are a work of incredible vision, especially in light of the production methods Spike opted for. It does feel like a ‘kids movie’ (not pejorative): the trailer repeatedly made me about eight years old, over and over again. Unless I’m an idiot, and you’ll see yourself in a week or two, the finalized monsters are some kind of incredible technical achievement.

The trailer will be scored entirely to The Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up.” Which is kinda  a perfect, arty tune and tonally/thematically spot on for Maurice Sendak’s seminal book.

Usually reshoots mean bad things for movies, but if they can get this movie pitch perfect in tone.  .  .

[via Geeks of Doom]

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