Thundercats movie concept art revealed

It’s easy to understand why the in-development Thundercats animation movie was put in turn around by Warner Brothers by looking at the concept art from director Jerry O’Flaherty.

Obviously the executives took a look at what Jerry was going for and said to themselves, “nope we’ve got to stop.  This is just too good. Too amazing.  We were expecting something more like Underdog or G-Force. Sorry Jerry, but this is so good we can’t move forward.  You realize you’re going to literally make heads explode if you make this movie.”  Or something like that.

Anyway, the guys at Movieline dug up the proposed concept artwork and if you were ever a fan of the Thundercats animated series as a kid, you’ll probably want to read this in the bathroom.  You’ll piss yourself in excitement.


There are more pics of Thundera, Mum-Ra’s Pyramid and the approach to Third Earth over at Movieline, who dug up the photos, and they’re all pretty awesome.  Too bad we don’t get looks at Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Snarf or even the Thundercats’s layer.  But based upon Lion-O, above, it’s safe to say they would have been down right classy.

At the very least can we reboot the show as a violent, adult-like cartoon (in the vein of Batman: The Animated Series) with this design work?

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