[Trailer] Adam

Hugh Dancy stars in a romantic comedy about a dude with Asberger’s Syndrome who falls in love with his next door neighbor, played by Rose Byrne.  Adam was FOX’s big pickup at Sundance 2009 and since it’s being released from FOX Searchlight, comes off like a quirky rom-com and features the infamous half-retard is it safe to pencil this thing in for a Best Picture nomination?

You think I’m joking, but I’m not. 

Anyways, what has me really excited about this trailer (other than the movie actually looks like a decent enough effort and certainly miles better than your average rom-com) is their use of the Fruit Bats’s “When You Love Somebody.”  I can get down with anyone who gets down with The Fruit Bats.

Also?  “I’m not Forrest Gump ya know!”  Yes, Adam, yes you are.  You are the magical half-tard that somehow touches the lives of the people around you.

July 29 in theaters everywhere.

The Fruit Bats – “When U Love Somebody”

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