[Trailer] Greenberg

I must confess I don’t care much for the work of Noah Baumbach. So much so, that his involvement with the last few Wes Anderson movies have colored my love for even Anderson.  To be honest, I just don’t care for his brand of self-important stories of shallow rich people wondering about their self-induced problems.  I guess, narcissistic is the word.  To be sure, my disdain for his work has nothing to do with his taunt writing or even his visual style.  It’s just I don’t care for his subjects.

The promise of Ben Stiller returning to his droll, indie-drama roots (think Permanent Midnight, Zero Effect, Your Friends and Neighbors) as an unemployed man who’s unhappy with his job, his love life, etc. who then meets a personal assistant and aspiring singer played by Greta Gerwig has me intrigued.  Enough that I won’t rule this out just yet.

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