[Trailer] Hot Tub Time Machine

I love it when the normal logic of Hollywood crumbles and you get a movie released that seems like one perverted joke.
Two executives are doing blow off a donkey. Just a normal Tuesday morning in Hollywood.
Executive One: Hey wouldn’t it be funny if we made a movie about a time machine… that’s a hot tub.
Executive Two: If you get me one guy with some acting ability and a little charm, like that John Cusack guy …
Executive One: Wait, does that mean his sister has to be in the movie?
Executive Two: It’s in his contract with the devil. But get me him, a rising comic star, and two guys that won’t cost a whole lot. I will see the shit out of that movie.
Executive One: I’ll be you one dollar that you can’t get that movie to gross a hundred mill.
Executive Two: I see that dollar and raise you the donkey. But not the blow.

We fade out as the two laugh and roll around on the ground together.

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